Damien Howell Physical Therapy is:

·    Provides Physical Therapy service for musculoskeletal system movement system disorders based on a philosophy of evidenced based practice that is patient centered 

·    Is noted for providing service that is innovative, effective and efficient. 

·    Satisfies individuals who are seeking answers and eager to learn. Treatment philosophy is "It is better to teach someone to fish than to give them fish." Values active therapy as opposed to passive therapy. 

·    Passionately looks for the cause of reoccurring injuries. 

·    My mission is to continue to “change the way Physical Therapy is provided in Virginia”.  Over an 18 year period passionately led the effort to modify Virginia Statute to allow the public to have direct access to Physical Therapy services.  Continues to provide example and mentoring to peers to provide evidence based, patient centered, effective, and efficient Physical Therapy. 


·    Diagnosis and management of repetitive use injuries; 2-dimensional kinematic, 3-dimensional kinematic and kinetic motion analysis; 

·    Provides expert witness services regarding issues related to standard of care for Orthopedic Physical Therapy including case review and deposition testimony

·    Provides continuing education and mentoring of peer Physical Therapist

Damien Howell DPT


I went to see Damien Howell for a gait analysis and he showed me that I was not completely recovered. The calf muscle on the injured leg is about ¾ the size of the other leg. I need to do some strength training on the muscle as well as core strength. I was surprised at what Damien’s computer video analysis could show. I’m generally skeptical about things like this and being a guy, just want to go out and run. As I get older I seem to be listening to others a lot more. There is something to be said for looking at how you run and getting some expert advice.

Ed Carmines
President of the Richmond Road Runners Club



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