Price: $60

What you do:
Register and upload a video of you running - details.

What Damien Howell does:
Examines your video and records response/guidance on it for you to download - details.

Turnaround time:
You will receive your video clip converted to slow motion with expert analysis within 48 hours


Click here for examples.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Find a friend to operate camera to record you. 
Step 2: Capture a short video recording
Step 3: Register to create an account
Step 4: Up-load your short video clip to web page
Step 5: Once you receive notice that your video has been analyzed, come back to the site, login to your account and review the video analysis report and recommended suggestions

Slow motion video analysis:

  • Enhances motor learning of ideal movements by providing visual feedback of faulty movements
  • Provides data to compare current movements to ideal movement norms
  • Empowers your ability to self-coach
  • Adds to a coach’s ability to instruct an athlete.
  • Records and stores visual data of form/style/technique of movements to allow for comparisons over time.
  • Lets athletes and coaches replay repeatedly to facilitate accuracy of analysis, and identify relationships between different joints during the different phases of gait and from different points of view. 

Who should have a slow motion video analysis?
Anyone who answers “yes” or “I am not sure” to the following questions:

  • Have you experienced nagging recurring injuries related to your exercise program?
  • Do you feel you can improve your walking/running form to become more fluid and efficient?
  • Have you been told that you pronate too much?  If so, what is the evidence that you do?
  • Are your feet turning out too much?  Are you a heel striker?  Is your head leaning forward of your body?  Do you over stride?
  • Do you want to enjoy walking/running more?

Who should DO the slow motion video Analysis?
Many video playback applications can vary the playback speed to slow or frame by frame.   Sometimes faults are so obvious it’s easy to spot them.  But often subtle but significant faults require analysis by an expert, ideally by one who has an understanding of your sporting activity and has considerable experience with slow motion video analysis. 

Damien Howell has been using video data to analyze walkers, runners, and injured clients for the last 25 years of his 35 years of practice as a Physical Therapist and coach. 

When multiple faults are identified – which is common – Damien can prioritize which problem should be addressed first. 

Often correcting one fault will automatically correct others.  Sometimes faults are unrelated and need to be addressed separately. 

Case examples of how video data can be used to successfully diagnosis, treat, and prevent injuries, and improve performance can be found at the Library page. Click on an of the following:

Damien’s treatment philosophy is to teach – empowering you with the information you need to enjoy your life and experiencing your body as it moves in its most fluid and graceful state. 

Do you want to walk or run farther & faster?
Do you want to walk & run injury free?
Do you want a powerful treatment for an injury? 

Slow motion video analysis can help. 

Improving walking and running technique can be frustrating and complex.

Expert analysis of your movement captured on video can help you understand how much you are “out of form” or “out of standard” – and what to do to correct it.

Walking and running correctly seems as though it should come automatically, but that’s not necessarily so. 

Many people develop faulty habits, postures, and movements that contribute to early fatique, pain, poor performance and injury. 

Just because someone has been walking or running for years doesn’t mean his/her form/style/technique are what is considered ideal and efficient. 

Even veteran walkers and runners have spent years getting used to incorrect, inefficient form/style/technique. 

Done properly, walking and running should be symmetrical movement.  Slow motion video data and analysis of your movement can spot asymmetrical movement.  This information is particularly useful in providing specific direction in identifying the cause of recurring over-use injuries and developing a plan for correcting and preventing them. 

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