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“I come to you
At-Home, In-Office, At-Fitness Facility

The Physical Therapy service that I provide is delivered to you at your home, at your office, or at your fitness facility.  I come to you.

It is cashed based Physical Therapy. 
Cash based service allows me to provide direct one on one high quality service.   Traditional health insurance based Physical Therapy is burdened with administrative requirements which take time away from the services that I provide.  Removing the requirements from health insurance plans provides a unique opportunity to take control of your problem. 

Depending on what your expectations and goals are you can have a Physical Therapy visit last as long as you want or as short as you want.  Depending on what your expectations and goals are you can have as many Physical Therapy visits as you want or as few visits as you want.  We have control. 

Are you looking for Physical Therapy service that provides?

  • good enough healthcare

  • all the healthcare you need to get back to what you want to do

  • healthcare that is all the way well care

Together we can take the time to identify, clarify and measure your expectations and goals.  We can become a team without hassles from a health insurance company.  When the goals and expectations are agreed upon as Steven Covey said, we “can begin with the end in mind”.  If we do not come to agreement on your expectations and goals, I will assist you in finding a more appropriate healthcare professional team member to help. 

The expense of this type of healthcare is not necessarily more expensive than insurance based healthcare it is differently expensive. 

  • The expense/cost can be less than traditional insurance based Physical Therapy.  National benchmarks for traditional health insurance based Physical Therapy is typically10 Physical Therapy visits per episode of care.  I have honed my craft to a point where the average number of visits per episode of care is 3 visits.  Using a standard outcome measure that is used by over 7 million Physical Therapists my score for improvement per visit ranks in the 97th percentile I provide effective and efficient service. 

  • If you have a health insurance plan with a high deductible, and are healthy, using cash based fee for service makes sense.  I provide statements to you which you can submit and apply to your out of network deductible. 

  • All of the time during the visit with me is one on one with me.  If you are going to pay for skilled Physical Therapy visit it makes sense to spend all of the time with the Therapist, as opposed to a PT Tech or exercising on your own during the PT clinic visit.

  • If you have used all your allotted visits allowed by your health insurance plan for the year and you need additional Physical Therapy, using traditional insurance based Physical Therapy will be higher than using cash based Physical Therapy services.  You will be responsible for the entire bill including co-pay. And, the time spent with the skilled Physical Therapists typically is only 15 minutes/visit. 

  • If you do not have health insurance the quality and efficiency of cashed based fee for service Physical Therapy is better than traditional insurance Physical Therapy.

  • If you prefer privacy and convenience of At-Home, At-Office, At-Fitness Facility,  I can help.  Scheduling times are available early morning, evening, and weekends.  On-line access is available. 

Give me a phone call for a free consultation 804-647-9499.  I will provide details of benefits and costs of cash based Physical Therapy and a worksheet you can use to determine what your health insurance benefits and costs for Physical Therapy would be.  You can than compare to determine if using cash based Physical Therapy makes sense.

Services provided:

  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy

  • Second opinions regarding Orthopedic Physical Therapy

  • In home/office/vehicle ergonomic evaluation

  • Assistance in ordering adaptive medical equipment, and home modifications to address movement system dysfunction

  • Education on treatment/prevention or movement system disorders, and wellness

  • Gait evaluation gait training motion analysis

If you combine, time saved, less time in pain, less time traveling to clinic, greater knowledge and understanding of your problem and being empowered to self-manage the problem, At-Home, At-Office, and At Fitness Facility Cash Based Service can be a real bargain. 

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