What Damien does:

  • Physical Therapy with specialization in Orthopedic musculoskeletal problems
  • Motion Analysis
  • Education on treatment/prevention of movement system disorders and wellness
  • Gait training
  • Ergonomic evaluation
  • Consultation, providing second opinions regarding Orthopedic Physical Therapy
  • Develop prevention programs
  • Orthotic therapy, assist in ordering adaptive medical equipment, and home modification
  • Seek non-surgical interventions
  • Seek non-pharmalogical interventions
  • Seek ways to keep you exercising
  • Work with families in their home
  • Home visits for individuals who are not home bound
  • Provide service at convenient times

Yes, you can change things for the better.

 I saw Damien Howell for help with lower back pain and plantar fasciitis. I have seen several physical therapists for different issues over the last several years. My experience with Damien has been much different, in the best possible way, than with any other therapist. First of all, Damien makes house calls - how wonderfully convenient. His initial consultation and examination was the most thorough I've ever received for physical therapy. Damien asked numerous questions and asked me to twist, turn, bend, stretch, and walk as he closely observed to determine the extent of my issues and limitations. He prescribed a series of exercises tailored for my specific issues. I saw results for my plantar fasciitis within two weeks, which was a pleasant surprise since I have struggled with this issue for a number of years. Similarly, I had relief from my back pain within 4 weeks and significant relief within 6 weeks. I am so truly appreciative of his work. I know it's not magic but it felt pretty close to that for me.
Corrine Cummings

I've known Damien for years as a fellow triathlete and Physical Therapist. He's helped me and my patients through many injuries and therapies. When I had Rotator Cuff surgery he got my shoulder back better than the other. When I badly sprained my ankle he got it functioning better than the other. He's now helping me with plantar fasciitis and maybe that too will be better than the other. Yes, I do hurt myself a lot. He's thorough, efficient, and won't make you come back numerous times for endless weeks. He's a true master and clinician.

Phil Dawson, MD - West End Pediatrics, Triathlete, Adventure Racer, and Abuser of multiple joints