Physical Therapy Online

  • Assessments and Second Opinions
  • Low-cost valuable option and addition to a face to face visit
  • Secure, easy credit card processing

Damien Howell Physical Therapy has partnered with American Well to provide online physical therapy – an alternative to face to face home-based Physical Therapy visits.

There may be times when an in-person assessment of your musculoskeletal problem isn’t convenient or you just want a second opinion or to talk to a Physical Therapist. Telehealth can be a convenient alternative. The American Well Platform provides a HIPAA Secure platform for service and messaging.

Your virtual Physical Therapist will provide:

  • Opportunity to get questions answered quickly regarding your painful musculoskeletal problems
  • Easy access to an Orthopedic Board Certified Physical Therapist
  • A low-cost valuable option to a face to face Physical Therapy visit, spending less time in travel and waiting in a clinic
  • Opportunity for a lower cost follow up visit after an initial face to face home-based visit
  • Opportunity to show and tell as opposed to just tell via phone or email
  • Opportunity for you to video record yourself performing painful activities, and forward the video to me via secure HIPAA compliant platform so that I can perform a careful in-depth analysis of the movements and suggest to you verbal cues to correct faulty painful movements
  • Opportunity to obtain Second Opinions regarding Physical Therapy services that you are already receiving

Physical Therapy Online Requirements:

  • High-speed Internet access
  • Apple or Android device with a camera
  • You need to be in Virginia
  • Credit card for payment - $69.00 per visit

Go to to download the free app,

Contact me to request an appointment for Physical Therapy Online visit at

Contact me directly if you have question's whether your problem can be handled via online video conferencing or would be better suited with a face to face visit.

Patient Testimonial

I saw Damien for an internet video conference Physical Therapy visit after I had an in person PT visit.  I was familiar with my home exercise program and was able to ask Damien how I should progress forward in my exercises and when I should (or shouldn’t) begin other activities.  Damien and I then developed a plan as to how I should progress my activity for the next week.  I liked the fact that it was easy to schedule an appointment at a convenient time and I was able to have all of my questions answered quickly.  The internet video conference was also very easy to set up.