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Posts by Damien Howell

Joint Sounds and Noise

Sounds often are used to assist a healthcare professional in making a diagnosis. The characteristic sounds and noise coming from the heart or lungs provide clues to determine whether something is wrong. Listening to the sounds of the stomach and bowels is an important clinical tool in diagnosing bowel obstructions. Sounds and noise coming from…

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Hip Pain: Gluteal Tendon Problems Postures & Positions to Avoid

Tendon problems are a common diagnosis at Achilles, knee (patellar tendon), shoulder (rotator cuff), and elbow (tennis elbow) pain.  Interestingly though, pain on the side of the hip is commonly thought to be an inflammation of bursa. Recent investigation has shown that pain on the side of the hip commonly thought to be trochanteric bursitis,…

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Gait Retraining – Key Concepts

Gait retraining has become popular among avid runners and Physical Therapists. The proponents of gait retraining advocate if you improve the walking/running form you can walk/run faster, farther, and injury free. Many questions remain regarding gait retraining. Who can benefit from gait retraining injured individuals, non-injured, or both (Heiderscheit, B 2011)? When is the best…

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Sooner is Not Always Better than Later – Healing Recovery from Injury

Sooner is not always better than later when recovering from an injury. Biological tissues adapts to physical stress in a predictable way. There is a threshold where physical stress results in a positive adaptation of the tissue, that is, tissue grows larger and stronger. Conversely if there is insufficient physical stress tissue wastes away gets…

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