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Shoes too big for foot contributes to injury

A majority of all people are in shoes that are incorrect shoe size according to Fawn Evenson director of the Footwear Industries of America. There are two potential errors when selecting what size shoes to wear. Either the shoe will be too small for the foot or too large for the foot. In my experience…

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Hip Pain: Gluteal Tendon Problems Postures & Positions to Avoid

Tendon problems are a common diagnosis at Achilles, knee (patellar tendon), shoulder (rotator cuff), and elbow (tennis elbow) pain.  Interestingly though, pain on the side of the hip is commonly thought to be an inflammation of bursa. Recent investigation has shown that pain on the side of the hip commonly thought to be trochanteric bursitis,…

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Hamstring, Buttock, Back, Neck Pain and the Car Seat

I frequently hear from my patients that their hamstring started hurting after they ran a marathon or that their back pain developed after they went body surfing at the beach. After closer questioning I discover that the problem did not occur during the marathon or while body surfing, but that it occurred afterwards during the…

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Runners Knee versus Gas Pedal Knee – IT band syndrome

A middle aged male adventure racer who had been struggling with right knee pain for six months sought my assistance. Adventure racing involves competing over multiple days, ultra-distance walk/running combined with other activities such as mountain biking, swimming, kayaking, and rock climbing. His knee pain was focused to the anterior lateral aspect of the right…

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