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Shoe drop – how the pendulum swings

Put on your high-heel sneakers, Lordy Wear your wig-hat on your head Put on your high-heel sneakers, child Wear your wig-hat on your head Ya know you’re looking mighty fine, baby I’m pretty sure you’re gonna knock ‘em dead – Tommy Tucker Growing up in the 1960s, I remember the song, “Put on Your High-Heel…

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Shoe Soles: Stiff Rocker Bottom Sole versus Flexible Sole “Barefoot”

There are many things to consider when selecting shoes, including comfort, injury and energy expenditure. Arnie Davis a Certified Pedorthotist has coined the term shoes with rocker bottom soles are the proverbial “aspirin” for chronic foot problems. A rocker sole shoe is recommended to help manage a number of painful injuries including: low back pain;…

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Evolution of the running shoe: evidence & opinion

Forty years ago there was only one running shoe designed for long distance running. Itwas a black canvas shoe shaped like a track spike shoe with a gum rubber outsole andConverse was the manufacturer. Now there is a veritable plethora of running shoes tochoose from. Ten years ago I wrote an article highlighting the fact…

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Creditability of Shoe Selection Based on Foot Print Shape and Injury Risk

Running magazines and internet shoe sales sites often recommend that the shape of the wet foot print should be used to determine which type of running shoe should be selected. There is a common belief that a foot print reflecting low arch (flat feet) should select shoes designed for “motion control”. Motion control shoes are presumed to control excessive motion…

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Shin splints – shock absorption, stride length

The term shin splints refer to a painful condition that develops in the lower leg, usually along the tibia bone, in response to exercise or activity. Shin splints are a common problem for novice runners, dancers, field hockey, basketball, baseball and tennis players, and even walkers. Shin splints can be classified into different problems including: tendonitis,…

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Pain on Bottom of Heel: Faulty Shock Absorption

Pain on the bottom of the heel (Plantar Heel Pain) is a complex problem with variable diagnoses and explanations. And, with variable diagnoses there should be variations in treatment. Unfortunately, the common treatment recommendations do not recognize such variability. Not all pain on the bottom of the heel is the same and not all pain…

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