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Shoe drop – how the pendulum swings

Experiencing pain when walking or running can be a complex problem. Asserting a hypothesis is a systematic way to solve complex problems. A hypothesis is an “if then statement” or conditional statement which can be tested, accepted, or refuted. Hypothesis: If you have pain walking and/or running, then gait analysis to determine if there is…

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Shoes too big for foot contributes to injury

A majority of all people are in shoes that are incorrect shoe size according to Fawn Evenson director of the Footwear Industries of America. There are two potential errors when selecting what size shoes to wear. Either the shoe will be too small for the foot or too large for the foot. In my experience…

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Evolution of the running shoe: evidence & opinion

Forty years ago there was only one running shoe designed for long distance running. Itwas a black canvas shoe shaped like a track spike shoe with a gum rubber outsole andConverse was the manufacturer. Now there is a veritable plethora of running shoes tochoose from. Ten years ago I wrote an article highlighting the fact…

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Creditability of Shoe Selection Based on Foot Print Shape and Injury Risk

Running magazines and internet shoe sales sites often recommend that the shape of the wet foot print should be used to determine which type of running shoe should be selected. There is a common belief that a foot print reflecting low arch (flat feet) should select shoes designed for “motion control”. Motion control shoes are presumed to control excessive motion…

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