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Healthcare Whisperer versus Con Artist

The goal of any relationship between a healthcare provider and patient is that both parties feel they are invested in favorable health outcomes. How they get there is the question. The underlying assumption is that a high degree of engagement from the provider and the patient will result in better outcomes, costs less, and may…

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Everybody has got their guy

Paul Ingraham writes a blog Paul is a health science journalist and a former massage therapist. In a recent blog entitled “Every little thing a nice physical therapist does is magic”, he presented an interesting concept that “every body’s got their guy”. Individuals with chronic pain often have a healthcare practitioner that is their favorite that they “swear…

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Expectations Treatment Outcomes

The expectations of a patient, patient satisfaction regarding treatment and treatment outcomes are related in a very complex manner. Whether you have an over use injury as a result of recreation sports, a traumatic injury, or chronic musculoskeletal disease process like rheumatoid arthritis awareness of the interaction of your expectations, satisfaction with treatment provided, and…

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Orthopedic post-surgical protocols & Physical Therapy

If you have the misfortune of needing to have an elective orthopedic surgery, you will likely be referred to Physical Therapy following the surgery. You will likely follow a post –surgical rehabilitation protocol. Orthopedic surgeons and Physical Therapist have developed standard protocols for each surgical diagnosis or surgical procedure. The protocol will outline the step…

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Gait Retraining – Key Concepts

Gait retraining has become popular among avid runners and Physical Therapists. The proponents of gait retraining advocate if you improve the walking/running form you can walk/run faster, farther, and injury free. Many questions remain regarding gait retraining. Who can benefit from gait retraining injured individuals, non-injured, or both (Heiderscheit, B 2011)? When is the best…

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Sooner is Not Always Better than Later – Healing Recovery from Injury

Sooner is not always better than later when recovering from an injury. Biological tissues adapts to physical stress in a predictable way. There is a threshold where physical stress results in a positive adaptation of the tissue, that is, tissue grows larger and stronger. Conversely if there is insufficient physical stress tissue wastes away gets…

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Selfish Athlete Syndrome

Irish Runner and double Olympic medial winner Noel Carroll said “Runners may make better lovers but sometimes (there’re) lousy spouses”.   Exercising for health is different from training for a marathon, Ironman Triathlon, or double-century bike ride. Exercising for health requires 3 hours a week. Training for competitive sports can require 14 plus hours a…

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Muscles and Stretching

What is known about benefits of stretching and flexibility exercises continues to evolve. Some commonly held beliefs are being supported with new research and some beliefs are being proven false. Common beliefs about stretching exercises are that stretching exercises decrease risk of injury, relieves pain associated with stiffness, and improves sports performance. Stretching exercises are…

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Osteoarthritis – Cartilage and Exercise

  Osteoarthritis is primarily a degeneration, or wear and tear, of the hyaline cartilage that covers the end of the joint surfaces. Osteoarthritis occurs as a result of “the parents you choose” (genetic influence) or as a sequel to a prior joint trauma or injury. There is a great deal of information dealing with the…

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