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IT Band Syndrome – Controversy Regarding Stretching Exercise

The Iliotibial (IT) Band is a tendon on the lateral aspect of the hip/thigh/knee. It is a large, wide, thick tendon. A tendon is a structure that attaches muscle to bone. IT band syndrome is a typical injury occurring in runners. A commonly recommended treatment for IT band syndrome is stretching exercise. Searching Google for…

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Knee Pain Wringing Out – Gait Deviation

Knee pain can develop because of a “wringing out”.  I am not referring to banging a bell ring, but the counter-rotation motion that can occur at the knee joint.  The knee joint consisting of the thigh and lower leg moves on three different planes of motion. The knee can flex and extend. The knee can…

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Heel Whip When Running

There is a growing body of evidence among healthcare professionals to suggest the way we run contributes to the risk of a repetitive use injury, and that gait retraining is an effective intervention for managing repetitive use injuries. There is less consensus and much debate on which movement faults are more important. Common movements that…

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