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Orthopedic Surgery vs Orthopedic Medicine: Considerations Regarding Elective Surgery

There is a difference between someone who practices orthopedic surgery and someone who practices orthopedic medicine. Orthopedic surgeons are interested in surgical treatment of musculoskeletal problems. Orthopedic medicine practitioners are interested in non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal problems. Dr. James Cyriax, author of “Textbook of Orthopaedic Medicine,” emphasized this difference. While some orthopedic problems improve with…

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Orthopedic post-surgical protocols & Physical Therapy

If you have the misfortune of needing to have an elective orthopedic surgery, you will likely be referred to Physical Therapy following the surgery. You will likely follow a post –surgical rehabilitation protocol. Orthopedic surgeons and Physical Therapist have developed standard protocols for each surgical diagnosis or surgical procedure. The protocol will outline the step…

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Sooner is Not Always Better than Later – Healing Recovery from Injury

Sooner is not always better than later when recovering from an injury. Biological tissues adapts to physical stress in a predictable way. There is a threshold where physical stress results in a positive adaptation of the tissue, that is, tissue grows larger and stronger. Conversely if there is insufficient physical stress tissue wastes away gets…

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Osteoarthritis – Cartilage and Exercise

  Osteoarthritis is primarily a degeneration, or wear and tear, of the hyaline cartilage that covers the end of the joint surfaces. Osteoarthritis occurs as a result of “the parents you choose” (genetic influence) or as a sequel to a prior joint trauma or injury. There is a great deal of information dealing with the…

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